"Get on in the world" nghĩa là gì?

Một bàn tay nắm cả thế giới. Photo by  Ben White

"Get on in the world" = cứ tiếp tục vươn lên trong cuộc sống -> nghĩa là không ngừng nâng cao/cải thiện vị thế trong xã hội; gặt hái nhiều thành công hơn so với trước đây.

Ví dụ
"They have got to get rid of this idea that people believe in the politics of jealousy. If you want to tax the rich out of the country you vote Labour or Liberal Democrat. "If you are happy for people to get on in the world and make a good living you vote Conservative."

We rarely saw any irregular workers in a company back then, and people took it for granted that a company where they had gotten a job became a quasi-family (gia đình tựa như). It was the norm that when a boss went to an izakaya pub, subordinates knew they should follow. The boss often taught them how to get on in the world, and sometimes even set up arranged-marriage meetings.

But this type of education grows more complicated and subtle as you get older. Core values – those qualities that make us decent human beings – should they be instilled? And then there are the life skills that help us get on in the world and get along with the people we encounter on the way. These include compassion, honesty, respect, empathy, conscientiousness, optimism, adaptability, initiative, motivation — and yes, that modish (đúng kiểu, kiểu mốt) word, resilience (tính kiên cường, bền bỉ) — and a whole lot more.

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