"Lo and behold" nghĩa là gì?

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"Lo and behold" = trông lạ chưa kìa -> cụm từ dùng để biểu lộ cảm xúc bất ngờ khi kể chuyện.

Ví dụ
But in my gut, I was disappointed. The clinician (nhà lâm sàng) then asked for advice and lo and behold, a test was finally approved. I didn't expect to test positive (âm tính).

Houses aren’t cheap, that’s for sure. Especially not the mansions (biệt thự) and castles he purchased. Lo and behold, he found himself in severe debt, losing money on a good amount of his real estate. He even owed a few million dollars in property taxes after all was said and done, having to take random acting jobs to pay it all back.

Sentencing (kết tội), Judge Ebraham Mooncey told Flamson, of Seagrave Close, Coalville: "The person who was burgled went to the shop, where you're apparently a regular customer, to make inquiries (điều tra). "Lo and behold, seven items stolen from her home were recovered. "Inquiries showed it was you who took those items there."

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