"Straighten him out" nghĩa là gì?

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"Straighten someone out" = duỗi thẳng ai đó -> cải thiện hành vi của người đó; dạy bảo.

Ví dụ
He walks away. Waugh stands still for a moment, moved by the encounter. He’s glad that seeing him gave Smith a moment of reckoning (suy tưởng). “Just from that, being embarrassed, that might straighten him out.”

Going against his instincts, he accepts and, in typical sports movie fashion, helps straighten them out and collect some wins. The difference between this and, say, any PG-rated Disney sports movie released in the 1990s is Cunningham’s life continues to spiral (di chuyển) in the background. He continues drinking and, as he’s exposed to some of the reasons behind his pain, binges (chè chén) hard.

In November 2008, I found my husband Cleve in bed next to me as usual. What was unusual was that he was turning purple and suffocating (nghẹt thở) on his own vomit. I will never forget how heavy his limp (mềm nhũng) 225-pound body was as I attempted to get him to the ground, only to drop him on his head and frantically (điên cuồng) straighten him out. I performed CPR through vomit and sobs (khóc thút thít). When the paramedics (cứu thương) came, they gave him a shot of naloxone to the heart. He lived. He was lucky that I was there to find him.

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