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đeo quần lót làm khẩu trang đi siêu thị...
A supermarket shopper was spotted appearing to wear underwear (quần lót, đồ lót) on her head as a makeshift (cái thay thế tạm thời, cái dùng tạm thời) coronavirus face mask.

Jared Richter and his wife Jennifer had been food shopping at supermarket in Coconut Creek, Florida, US, on Tuesday when they spotted the woman's quirky (lắm mưu mô; giỏi ngụy biện) attempt at staying safe while buying her groceries.

As she prepared to get out of the car, Jennifer, 44, 'froze and started cracking up' after noticing the beige (màu be, vải len mộc) underwear stretched across the customer's head.

...Jared and Jennifer, a corporate trainer, had just been to pick up food for a family Skype celebration to mark the Jewish holiday of Passover, when they spotted the 'hilarious' sight.

Their amusement (sự thích thú; trò vui; trò giải trí, trò tiêu khiển) continued as they spotted a teenage boy crossing the car park and staring at (nhìn chằm chằm) the woman in disbelief (sự hoài nghi).

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