"Pile on the pounds" nghĩa là gì?

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"Pile on the pounds" nghĩa là tăng cân (nhanh).

Ví dụ
Women pile on the pounds after becoming mothers because of lifestyle changes, research (nghiên cứu) reveals.

Going to college, getting a job and becoming a parent are key life events for piling on the pounds, experts (chuyên gia) say.

A regular four-finger KitKat contains 209 calories. So eating just two of those a day would put you in danger of piling on the pounds.

Years of travelling the globe and entertaining clients (khách hàng) for her job saw Emilie Ortolan, 36, pile on the pounds, as she combined (kết hợp) calorie-laden (nhiều calo) dinners in posh (sang trọng) restaurants, washed down with fine wine, with 'quick and easy' - and often fattening (vỗ béo) - meals on the run.

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