"Brick-and-mortar" nghĩa là gì?

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"Brick-and-mortar" = gạch và vữa -> nghĩa là tồn tại trong một tòa nhà hoặc cửa hàng, thay vì kinh doanh trên mạng.

Ví dụ
Many brick-and-mortar businesses treat their website as an online brochure (sách quảng cáo) where customers can “get information” rather than take action. Make your website actionable.

Chinese cosmetic (mỹ phẩm) industry insiders are busy this year, even though COVID-19 has disrupted business as usual. Among them, offline beauty retailers have seen an unexpected peak (đỉnh cao), as online buyers have started pouring back into brick-and-mortar chain stores to experience hands-on shopping journeys.

Microsoft is shuttering brick-and-mortar locations as it unveils (công khai) a “strategic change” in the way it runs its retail (bán lẻ) business.

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