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lái xe taxi bị em gái 27 tuổi cầm dĩa ăn cướp tiền... :D
Timmins Police Service officers responded to a call for service regarding a theft in progress where [it is alleged that] a woman had stolen money from a taxi and was fleeing with an undetermined amount of cash.

Responding Timmins Police Service officers located the female suspect a short distance from the original scene.

The suspect was brandishing (khua, vung) a kitchen fork (dĩa ăn) and not compliant with directions given to her by the police to discard the potential weapon (hạ vũ khí).

The suspect was eventually subdued (chinh phục, khuất phục, đánh bại) and taken into custody (giam cầm).

Bài trước: Cuối cùng mới nói
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