Tận thế chăng?

hồ 50.000 năm tuổi ở ấn độ chuyển màu hồng...

That was the question on people's minds across India after Lonar Lake in the state of Maharashtra suddenly changed hues (đột nhiên chuyển sắc) in recent days (trong những ngày gần đây).

Experts believe that the change is likely due to either increased salinity in the water (tăng độ mặn của nước), the presence of algae (xuất hiện tảo) or a combination of both,

"The amount of water in the lake has reduced and the lake has become shallower, so the salinity has gone up and caused some internal changes."

Kharat said that researchers are also investigating if the presence of red algae caused the color change.

Samples (mẫu xét nghiệm) are being sent to several labs,

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