"Leave in peace" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Dingzeyu Li

"Leave (someone or something) in peace" -> nghĩa là để ai/cái gì được yên; ngưng làm phiền/quấy rầy ai.

Ví dụ
Is it on the underside of a flower or leaf? It’s likely to be taking a rest, so leave it in peace but come back in 30 minutes or so.

The proof that the life which surely exists out there is intelligent (Is anybody out there? Biggest hunt ever to begin for alien life, 15 February) is that it has so far managed to avoid us. We should take the hint and leave it in peace.

“When they come, it’s for food. They respect what we do here, they come and they leave in peace. They won’t come because they respect me, they respect what we do, and the people here. They are not going to shoot each other while we are feeding the people here.

Ka Tina

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