Tương lai giáo dục đại học ở đâu?

có khi ở ấn độ đấy, yale, harvard hay uc berkeley có khi cũng phải cạnh tranh...
In my fantasy (hình ảnh tưởng tượng), the [Western] schools that are open to expanding (mở rộng) their India operations (hoạt động ở ấn độ) will rise considerably in reputation (gia tăng đáng kể về danh tiếng). India, and South Asia more generally, is in the midst of a phenomenal explosion (bùng nổ mang tính hiện tượng) of talent (tài năng) in diverse fields (nhiều/đa dạng các lĩnh vực/môn học)…

You might wonder whether India actually needs all of these foreign branches (chi nhánh đại học nước ngoài), when it has some superb schools of its own, for instance the various Indian Institutes of Technology. In my fantasy, some Indian institutions of higher education will improve and force some competitors — shall we say UC Berkeley? — to leave the country. Yet many talented Indians will find attending a branch of Harvard or Yale to be an appealing option (lựa chọn hấp dẫn). Furthermore, the top foreign schools may form alliances (hình thành liên minh/liên kết) with Indian institutions (as Yale has done in Singapore), giving students the best of both worlds.

This future gets better yet. Over time, the population of Indian alumni of prestigious (danh tiếng, uy tín) U.S. universities will increase, relative to those who studied and graduated in America. America’s top schools thus will become engines of opportunity. It might also become obvious that the students attending in the U.S. are underperforming their Indian counterparts. What better way to light a competitive fire under the current dominant institutions?

And maybe some of the keenest (sắc sảo; sắc, bén, tinh, thính) and most ambitious (tham vọng) American students will prefer to study in India rather than in America. (Perhaps a “canceled” American student could be sent to Brown Uttar Pradesh?) Wouldn’t you want to study with the very best of your peers, knowing you might be sitting next to the next generation’s Einstein, von Neumann or, of course Ramanujan?

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