Cấy não neuralink ở lợn?

và thành công rồi đấy, ai muốn là người áp dụng đầu tiên nào?
On Friday night Elon Musk made good on his promise to show a working Neuralink device. The company announced that it successfully installed its Link hardware in the brains of pigs, and in one case, removed the device without causing any obvious problems (vấn đề rõ ràng). The test subjects were present at the event, even if they weren’t always cooperative, and Gertrude’s Link seemed to successfully read signals generated by her neurons whenever she smelled a tasty treat.

Musk once again made pie-in-the-sky (một sự kiện trong dự kiến rất khó có thể xảy ra) promises about what the tech might do in the future (the phrase “Fitbit in your brain” came up), but the biggest advance we could see may been the prototype “V2” surgical robot that helps to sew 5 micron-wide electrodes into a subject’s brain. So, who’s ready to be an early adopter?


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