Journey in Life: Phái nữ vẫn được ủng hộ hơn

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Phái nữ vẫn được ủng hộ hơn

phượt lên đỉnh núi, nam thì khoe mông, nữ thì cởi áo khoe ngực trần... ;)
What a view.

The movement (phong trào), which has been around since 2015, has surged (trào lên, tràn lên, dâng lên như sóng) in recent months.

After reaching the mountaintop, female hikers will strip down and look out on the vista, and have a friend take a shot of them from behind. It’s especially prevalent in the mountain-filled backdrops of Colorado, where going topless is legal.

“It feels fun, exciting and maybe a little risky to be naked in nature (khỏa thân trong thiên nhiên),” Kari Armstrong, who runs a women’s hiking club, told the Colorado-based news outlet. “When you have worked hard for your hike, or even if you haven’t, it is fun to do something a little silly and liberating (được giải phóng) to celebrate (ăn mừng).”


  1. The trend started in 2015, so why, Judi, are we just hearing about this now?

  2. Guys would just moon the mountains.

  3. Now all we have to do is teach them how to stand facing their cameras.

  4. Because nothing says "I'm empowered!" like stripping off.

  5. They can use my backyard to empower if they want to.