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Saturday, November 21, 2020

"Between the jigs and the reels" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Heather Morse

"Between the jigs and the reels" = giữa máy sàng và máy guồng -> nghĩa là xảy ra ở giữa hoặc bởi những rắc rối, hỗn loạn hay giữa điều này với điều kia.

Ví dụ
Between the jigs and the reels, the replay took 14 weeks to get played and in Dublin. So on November 14, 1897, at Jones’ Road, Cork suffered a heavy defeat on a scoreline of 7-9 to 2-3.

There were excursions, too, into Dubliners-style urban folk, as best demonstrated by the hard-bitten, pipe-driven ‘Pat Reilly’. Between the Jigs and the Reels is a fascinating collection, by turns melancholy (u sầu) and rambunctious (sự đi ngao du, sự nói dông dài) and, 40 years on, the music’s rebellious swagger endures.

“I was always kind of fascinated by the idea of guys moving from one sport to another,” Liddy says, “and between the jigs and the reels, in the course of my research I fell into conversation with Eddie O’Sullivan (the former coach of Ireland and the US Eagles) about this, and we discussed the psychological attributes that would be required for a player to learn a new sport from scratch. That’s kind of where this project started.”

Ka Tina

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