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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

"There are no flies on" nghĩa là gì?

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"There are no flies on someone" = đến ruồi cũng không đậu được -> nghĩa là người nhanh nhẹn, thông minh, sắc sảo. 

Ví dụ
My dad who lived to 93 had a favorite saying “There are no flies on him!” Which meant that the individual without flies was clever, quick moving, on top of things, sharp, and did their own thinking. If he saw the Harris-Pence-fly debate last night from some galaxy far, far away, I can hear his laugh and the follow-up “flies are all over that guy“ that is, Pence showed none of the qualities that fly-free folks (người) have. 

There is certainly some truth to the argument that free trade is a civilizing force. There are no flies on Adam Smith. But its beneficent (có ích) effects depend absolutely on a principle that Donald Trump has been quick to insist upon: reciprocity (nguyên tắc có đi có lại).

The whole concept was wrong from the get-go (khởi đầu) anyway. They should never have called it a smartphone. Right away, you feel intimidated (đe dọa) because you know it knows way more than you do. But there are no flies on me. I quickly learned to send texts and to phone people. Answering was a bit trickier, and I decided to ignore voice mail. 

But there are no flies on Spider-Man, either, who figures out that Mysterio's "powers" are just tricks, and secretly plants a "spider tracer" on that big, purple cape (yes, they had tracking devices in 1964). Ambushing Mysterio, Spider-Man defeats him and gets him to spill that he did, in fact, impersonate (giả danh) Spider-Man and framed (dàn dựng) him by committing crimes. Spidey caught it all on a tape recorder (yes, they had those, too, in 1964), and Mysterio is arrested.

Ngọc Lân

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