"Đừng bao giờ dạy người giàu cách tiêu tiền"

3 người giàu nhất thế giới Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk và Bill Gates đóng thuế thu nhập bằng…0
Tesl TSLA -2.7%a CEO Elon Musk has moved his primary residence from California to Texas, according to reports on Tuesday, which means the three richest people in American—Musk, Amazon AMZN +0.5% CEO Jeff Bezos and Microsoft MSFT +1.3% cofounder Bill Gates—now all reside in states that don’t collect income tax (thuế thu nhập).

Musk’s move was anticipated (dự đoán trước), following reported rumors  (tin đồn) from his friends and associates that the Lone Star State (bang ngôi sao cô đơn) would become his next home. This summer, he relocated his private foundation to the city of Austin. Musk, who is worth just shy of $140 billion, previously clashed with California officials over the state’s coronavirus restrictions (hạn chế đi lại vì covid), going so far as to sue Alameda County in May and threaten to move his company out of the state after its factory wasn’t allowed to reopen.

...Washington and Texas are two of nine U.S. states that don’t collect income tax. The rest are: Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee and Wyoming. The Tax Foundation, a leading nonprofit, notes that Tennessee and New Hampshire still tax interest (lãi cho vay) and dividends (cổ tức), but the latter is scheduled to phase out this tax in 2025.

“It's quite possible [California] is on the wrong (sai lầm) side of the Laffer Curve (đường cong laffer),” Arnold wrote on Twitter, referencing the economic theory (lý thuyết kinh tế) that supposes tax revenues will fall if governments set rates too high and can increase if rates are lowered.

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