"Back to Blighty" nghĩa là gì?

"Back to Blighty" -> nghĩa là trở về nước Anh; Blighty là biệt hiệu của nước Anh.

Ví dụ
In globe-strutting Velma Celli mode, Ian had been performing in Australia before the escalating (leo thang_ Coronavirus pandemic sent him packing back to Blighty, quarantining in York from a week before lockdown.

Will it be profitable (có lợi nhuận) to sell cars elsewhere in the world that haven't banned ICE? Will you be able to buy and Aston Martin in say Russia or China and then import it back to blighty? 

Steve said: "Never tire of this peaceful and chilled idyllic (đồng quê) hideaway (nơi ẩn náu), thanks for a fabulous time Lee Riley. "Safe journey back to Blighty. Love you to the moon and back." Lee had flown out to Cyprus, where Steve lives, earlier this summer.

But tweeting on Thursday night, Piers labelled himself and his sons Bertie and Spencer “quarantine dodgers (né tránh)” while revealing they had jetted back to Blighty.

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