"By and large" nghĩa là gì?

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"By and large" -> nghĩa là 'nói chung', 'về tổng thể'.

Ví dụ
It’s always been strange that Trump, who will never be mistaken for a rigorous (chặt chẽ, nghiêm khắc) constitutionalist and who personalizes everything, has elevated a couple of hundred judges who, by and large, are deeply committed to the Constitution and feel no particular personal loyalty to him.

In the past, the Army had flagged overweight compared to its requirements which has also been addressed. “The Army wanted to lower the weight so they can carry it in the mountains. They wanted around 18 tonnes — by and large we are in that range,” the official said.

Service members’ ability to use social media also allows higher-ups, such as Maj. Gen. Tammy Smith and Maj. Gen. Patrick Donahoe, to listen to and respond to the concerns of their subordinates and the civilian population. Service members, interested civilians, national security academics and professionals, politicians, and journalists are now regularly interacting with one another on social media. This helps the greater population view service members as people beyond their military affiliation, which is key to healthy civilian-military relations. Especially in politically turbulent (hỗn loạn, bất an) times, it is important to remember that, by and large, we’re in this together, and social media provides that link. 

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