"More or less" nghĩa là gì?

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"More or less" nghĩa là ít hoặc nhiều hơn, xấp xỉ, tương đối, gần bằng...

Ví dụ
The U.S. election is essentially over, and the Presidential transition is more or less underway. 

It basically takes a 2009 study from [consultancy (tư vấn)] Copenhagen Economics and apportions part of the EU's estimated gains (lợi nhuận) from the EU-Japan [deal] to the UK in a more-or-less sensible way. 

After $270 billion spent on direct supports for Canadians and their businesses, and another $200 billion or so on credit and loan support, we now more or less know the price tag for keeping our heads above water (cố gắng đối phó) throughout the pandemic.

Ultimately, the central bank will have bought government bonds (trái phiếu chính phủ) by issuing (phát hành) reserves (dự trữ) to commercial banks, which will then want to be paid interest (lãi) on those excess reserves. The government could just as soon have issued Treasury bills directly to commercial banks. The interest cost would be more or less the same. 

Thu Phương

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