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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

"Revolving door syndrome" nghĩa là gì?

Cuộc sống xoay vần liên tục, y như cánh cửa này vậy. Photo by Nagesh Badu on Unsplash

"Revolving door syndrome" = hội chứng cửa quay -> (tâm thần học) nghĩa là xu hướng bệnh nhân mắc bệnh tâm lý đã khỏi bệnh nhưng lại tái mắc một thời gian sau, thường là những người bị rối loạn tâm lý nghiêm trọng, tâm thần phân liệt... Nghĩa khác (chính phủ, cơ quan) chỉ sự xoay chuyển công tác, thay đổi nhân sự.

Ví dụ
“Nus Ghani’s decision to take up a private sector transport job within weeks of leaving the Department for Transport is yet another example of the distasteful ‘revolving door’ syndrome,” the former Wealden parliamentary candidate (ứng viên quốc hội) said.

Last night the Bulls parted (chia tay) company with manager Russell Slade after he had been in charge for five months. Speaking to the club’s website Graham said: “We do not want a revolving door syndrome to take hold here, but we do feel that there is a need for a complete revamp (tân trang) of how we do things both on and off the pitch."

John Tjepkema doesn't mince (nói uốn éo) words when it comes to his criminal career. It was long. And it was varied. "I was in the 'revolving door syndrome'," the 60-year-old said. "I went up the criminal ladder (thang), as I call it. Pinching cars, doing [burglaries (trộm)], then assaults (tấn công), then assault and robberies … guns became involved, and drugs … and then armed robbery."

Thu Phương

"Empty calories" nghĩa là gì?

Hấp dẫn thế này từ chối sao được. Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

"Empty calories" = lượng calo rỗng -> nghĩa là các loại đồ ăn thức uống ít hoặc không có giá trị dinh dưỡng, thành phần chủ yếu là đường, chất béo, dầu, hoặc đồ uống có cồn... Những loại thực phẩm này tuy cung cấp năng lượng nhưng không có vitamin, khoáng chất, protein...

Ví dụ
The top sources of these empty calories were soft drinks, fruit drinks, cookies and brownies, pizza, and ice cream.

Many modern foods and drinks contain empty calories. These are calories that come from foods with little to no nutritional value.

Foods with empty calories can be your worst enemy if you are trying to lose weight. The food you consume serves a primary purpose of providing you with energy besides all the essential nutrients required for a healthy body.

The most popular sources of empty calories remained consistent across the study period. However, as children got older, the main sources of empty calories shifted from beverages such as fruit drinks to foods such as pizza and cookies. Overall, older children and teens consumed more calories from soft drinks rather than fruits drinks or flavored milk.

Thu Phương

"Empty nest syndrome" nghĩa là gì?

Chờ mãi chưa thấy con về. Photo by Immortal Snapshots from Pexels

"Empty nest syndrome" = hiệu ứng chiếc tổ trống -> nghĩa là hiện tượng khi các "empty nester" (cha mẹ có con cái chuyển ra ngoài sinh sống) cảm thấy cô đơn và buồn bã. Con cái một tay cha mẹ nuôi nấng, đến tuổi trưởng thành là vỗ cánh bay đi, cha mẹ nào cũng buồn cả.

Ví dụ
When interior designer (nhà thiết kế nội thất) Jean Stoffer and her husband became empty-nesters, they realized it was time to downsize.

After tying the knot (kết hôn) last week, Katie ( Sarah Gordy) and Ralph (Leon Harrop) moved in together – leaving Louise (Pooky Quesnel) struggling with empty-nest syndrome.

She has taken away my son to Ireland!’ The woman in front of me cribbed (giam kín). I tried to give her solace (an ủi) in my small ways. I knew she was stressed and depressed. There was a feeling of grief and loneliness. She was suffering from the empty nest syndrome.

We parents, however, are finding it harder to adapt. First we grumbled (cằn nhằn) about the time-consuming bother of home-teaching. Yet now that it’s over, and our son is back at school, we feel oddly bereft (bị tước đi). We’ve got empty nest syndrome, at least 12 years too early. We even miss the terrible YouTube videos about computer games he loves watching.

Thu Phương

"Empty the tank" nghĩa là gì?

Nỗ lực hết mình, kết quả sẽ đền đáp. Photo by Mídia from Pexels

"Empty the tank" nghĩa là đóng góp, cống hiến, nỗ lực hết mình.

Ví dụ
They not only emptied the tanks, they emptied the playbook in a bid to keep pace (bắt kịp) with Wyomissing. And, well, it kind of worked.

It’s how he thinks about the last inning (hiệp cuối), when he empties the tank, when he gives everything he has and can’t continue anymore.

I think I held my breath the whole time. I gritted my teeth and tried to empty the tank on the home straight. I looked left and right. It was so close. As I crossed the finish line, there was a 10% feeling in me that I’d made it into the medals.

By now you should know that Adebayo empties the tank night in and night out. But on Saturday, he took things to another level. After doing his usual damage off dribble handoffs (kỹ thuật dẫn bóng trong bóng rổ) and playing solid defense (phòng thủ chắc chắn) early on, Adebayo took over in overtime and made sure the HEAT would walk away victorious.

Thu Phương

"See you in another life” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Uwe Conrad

“(I’ll) see you in another life” = hẹn gặp kiếp sau -> nghĩa là bạn muốn vĩnh biệt ai đó luôn và sẽ không muốn gặp lại nữa (theo nghĩa rất tiêu cực) hoặc thể hiện tình cảm rất nhớ thương, bịn rịn và không biết khi nào gặp lại với người đã mất.

Ví dụ
Last but not least, there is this quote: “I'll see you in another life, brother.” Desmond said it to Jack, then Jack said it back to him at a later time.

I'll call you soon - translation: "You wish! I'll probably see you in another life." When your calls are forwarded to voice mail and your texts go unanswered for some time, it's very obvious that you are being purposely ignored. This concept (khái niệm) is know as ghosting. It's not very ideal to just fade away from someone's life, but people use this tactic (cách, mẹo) to avoid confrontation (sự đối chất) or a painful conversation.

Angela doesn’t sit alone for long. Mr. Robot, though certainly he wasn’t called that back then, sits with her. He tries to give Angela a pep talk (lời động viên, lời cổ vũ) about how she should go talk to the woman the party is for. The pieces start coming together: a red (obviously) velvet cake that says, “See you in another life!,” a woman with a haunting, sick look, and the quiet nature of the party. This is no birthday; it’s a living funeral (đám tang) for Angela’s mother, Emily, who we know was one of many who developed leukemia (bệnh bạch cầu) after an E Corp plant leak that they then denied, countering a class action lawsuit from the numerous victims.

Ka Tina

"On an empty stomach" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Jimmy Chan from Pexels

"On an empty stomach" nghĩa là đang đói, lâu rồi chưa ăn gì, bụng đang rỗng cần nạp đầy.

Ví dụ
Another woman in the slums (khu ổ chuột) stopped taking her life-saving HIV medicine, because she could not take powerful medicine on an empty stomach.

It might seem like there are perks (lợi ích) to exercising on an empty stomach, like burning more fat per workout, but the downsides greatly outweigh the benefits.

Ginger is a kitchen staple that is known to have an array of health benefits.For effective weight loss, you can prepare a cumin-ginger (thìa là với gừng) drink and have it every morning empty stomach.

Jagadish Reddy said that the initiatives taken up by the Chief Minister including Rs 1,500 financial assistance (hỗ trợ tài chính) to white rationcard (thẻ phân phối thực phẩm) holders, free ration distribution and monetary assistance and shelter to migrants (dân di cư) have resulted in a situation that no person in Telangana slept with empty stomach in the two-months lockdown period.

Thu Phương

"Empty out" nghĩa là gì?

Làm sạch chai để tái chế. Photo by mali maeder from Pexels

"Empty (something) out" = làm cho cái gì rỗng. Nghĩa bóng là gây ra nôn ọe, đi vệ sinh. Nghĩa khác là trở nên trống rỗng vì mọi người đi hết.

Ví dụ
And as their interests change, don’t forget to empty out old bins to make room for new possessions (tài sản).

Members of AustralianSuper who empty out their balances via the Government’s hardship superannuation (phụ cấp hưu trí) early release scheme will retain at least a portion of their life insurance cover for a further six months.

“I do twenty-dollar sales in the summer after prom (dạ hội) season, we’ll empty out the inventory (hàng tồn), so I was like ‘let’s do a whole prom store discounted.’ I was really expecting this to be one of the best seasons we had,” said Yvonne Robles Owner of Rent-A-Dress.

"As we get from 1910 to 1920, 1930 to 1940, that whole area of south Minneapolis gets emptied out or black families are pushed north into the Powderhorn, Lyndale area. So they begin to cluster (co cụm) around there," said Keith Mayes, a UMN associate professor of African American and African Studies.

Thu Phương

“The school of life” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Markus Spiske

“The school of life” = trường đời -> nghĩa là bạn nhận được bài học bởi những trải nghiệm thực tế trong cuộc sống, nó cho bạn cả điều tích cực lẫn tiêu cực hơn hẳn so với việc ngồi học trên ghế nhà trường.

Ví dụ
Husband and I have set the bar low when it comes to home schooling. If all four of us get through this a) alive and b) sane, it’s job done as far as we are concerned. Lockdown is the school of life; any academic education that might occur is a bonus. Husband does a bit of maths and English with the boys in the mornings, while I’m working. The only thing I have managed to stick to consistently is helping them practise music.

At age 15 Adán abandoned high school to pursue a career in the “school of life.” He started out as a dishwasher at La Champagne, a traditional French food restaurant in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, where he met his mentor and putative (được coi là) father: Chef Ed Doherty, who welcomed him as he was barely babbling (bập bẹ) English, and taught him everything from the name of every single ingredient (thành phần) to the art of the food industry.

Sport, an indispensable subject (môn học rất cần thiết) in the school of life. "Sport is symbolic (biểu tượng). It’s the school of perseverance (tính kiên trì, bền chí)." Stéphane Diagana writes for Peace and Sport. With the way I have experienced sport, I know that it is a personal development tool for all young people. If we know how to accompany them in the practice of sport, we can train responsible and committed citizens. The goal is to compete in a competitive process while respecting the opponent (đối thủ). Whether they are excellent or not, they must be respected. These are values that are useful in social life. Beyond sport, we also find ourselves in situations of competition and collective work where we have to assume our responsibilities.

Ka Tina

"Empty into" nghĩa là gì?

Lại đến mùa ngập lụt rồi. Photo by Harrison Haines from Pexels

"Empty (something) into/in (something)" nghĩa là chảy ra, đổ, trút ra, đổ từ cái này sang cái kia.

Ví dụ
Additional flooding will occur as the river rises to its forecast peak this evening. The flood water will then empty into the Saginaw River and cause the Saginaw River to rise.

Between 60 and 80% of the nitrogen pollution (ô nhiễm ni-tơ) causing the dead zone comes from farms and livestock operations in the Midwest. Fertilizers (phân bón) and other nutrient-rich waste seep into ditches (mương), streams and rivers that eventually empty into the Gulf.

They are in place to reduce the time spent at the sites by so that as many as people as possible can pass through quickly and safely, enabling (cho phép) traffic to flow more freely. Our staff are unable to assist with handling waste so householders should only bring waste they can carry and empty into the containers.

Thu Phương

“Life hack” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Sam Dan Truong

“Life hack” -> nghĩa là mẹo vặt (tip), trò khéo léo (trick), đường tắt (shortcut) là những cách thức, kỹ năng sáng tạo (creative), khôn ngoan (wise) được nghĩ ra để đơn giản hóa (simplify), rút ngắn (shorten) hoặc giải quyết một cách hiệu quả (effective) hơn nhằm đạt năng suất (productivity), hiệu suất (efficiency) hơn trong những công việc, vấn đề từ dễ đến khó trên suốt đường đời giúp cuộc sống trở nên dễ dàng, thú vị hơn (theo từ điển Bách khoa toàn thư).

Ví dụ
"My mom found a life hack," the proud daughter captions the clip, which has garnered a staggering (gây sửng sốt, làm kinh ngạc) j5.5 million views.

Holly Willoughby has been declared a certified genius thanks to a life hack to protect straws (ống hút) in your tinnys. Consider this your boozy picnic gamechanger, ladies and gents.

Life hacks have grown to become their own genre (thể loại) of internet content. Chances are, each time some random person on social media posts a new method of solving one of our mundane (cõi trần, thế tục), daily issues, there are thousands of people out there who've known that "secret" for years. Yet, somehow, every time one of these things goes viral, it feels like the first time anyone has ever revealed that information. Now, there are entire websites and online communities dedicated to awesome ways of dealing with life's annoyances, and these paragons (mẫu mực, tuyệt phẩm) of humankind have spread to TikTok.

Ka Tina

“This is the life” nghĩa là gì?

“This is the life” = đây mới là cuộc sống -> khi bạn nói câu này nghĩa là bạn hài lòng/thỏa mãn với hoàn cảnh thực tại.

Ví dụ
Yes, this is the life!

“Life in isolation can be demoralising (làm mất tinh thần, làm nản lòng),” he continued. “I can’t measure how much I miss football and this is the life, nevertheless staying alive is more important.

"I am under lockdown anyway because I am her full-time carer. I don’t need to go out and socialize with buttholes," he says, referencing the recent quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic. "I am her full-time carer and I won’t let anyone mess up with her head. For me the real person is still there. That person I love is still there every minute of every day and this is the life."

Ka Tina

“What a life!” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Santiago Lacarta

“What a life!” -> đây là một câu chửi có nghĩa tương tự như “Oh, hell!” để than phiền cuộc sống này quá khó khăn, cực nhọc và mệt mỏi.

ví dụ
“To be able to have a conversation with somebody that gave that many years of public service in one way or another is just remarkable and pretty incredible," says Mayor Randy Toms. “Nobody does that, but yet, he did it, and what a life he lived.”

Writes Talusan: "But by the time she sang, "What a joy! What a life! What a chance!" a few moments later, I had already returned to my own body, the body of a boy in the Philippines who just happened to have her hair. My future may hold riches, but I would not live it as a beautiful woman."

She will be so sadly missed by her family including 3 sons: Robert (Rene) Hanson of Derby, KS., Duane (Karen) Hanson of Crookston, James (Nancy) Hanson of Okemos, MI, and 3 daughters: Beverly (Andrew) Tucker of Lexington, KY, Connie (Brian) Schendel of West Fargo, ND, and Susan (Jon) Ewers of Inver Grove Heights, MN. Also surviving are 17 grandchildren, 24 great-grandchildren, 1 great-great-grandchild and many nieces and nephews. What a life! She is also survived by a son-in-law, Donald (Joy) Martodam of Hawley, MN; and a sister-in-law, Wanda Brekken of Crookston. Evelyn was preceded in death by Howard, her beloved husband of 67 years; two daughters, Sandra Martodam and Kathy Hanson; her parents; and 7 brothers: Raymond, Romuald, Paul, Robert, Albert, Wilburn, and Manley Jr.

Ka Tina

“Life in the raw” nghĩa là gì?

“Life in the raw” = cuộc sống nguyên chất -> nghĩa là cuộc sống trong trạng thái tự nhiên của nó và không bị tô vẽ thêm.

Ví dụ
Hollywood Westerns of the 1960s saw Clint Eastwood rule supreme with movies that depicted (mô tả) life in the raw by men who ruled by the gun.

I love these little films! Not just because they are packed with top-quality tips, they also show chef life in the raw, with children running in and spouses shouting in the background.

It’s odd that evolution (sự tiến hóa, phát triển) hasn’t ironed out our need for stories. You’d imagine we’d be quite happy to be gene machines and simple rationalists (người theo chủ nghĩa duy lý) taking life in the raw.

Ka Tina

“Where have you been all my life?" nghĩa là gì?

“Where have you been all my life?" = em ở đâu suốt quãng đời (trước đây) của anh vậy? -> câu hỏi thú vị này dùng để tán tỉnh ai, bày tỏ tình cảm và muốn nói với người đó rằng giá như cuộc đời cho ta gặp nhau sớm hơn. Nó cũng thường được dùng một cách vui vẻ hoặc hài hước về ai/điều mình thích thú tương tự như vậy.

Ví dụ
It wasn’t until the Vanity Fair Oscar Party when the two finally met. The Jumanji actor recounts his courageously public gesture to Vogue, “I put my drink down, get on one knee and I say, ‘You’re real. Where have you been all my life?’ Like, loud.” A seemingly Hollywood Cinderella story, Chopra, who was set to catch a flight to India that night, told Jonas she had five minutes.

“Shona comes back obviously and her memories of David are absent to a large degree, certainly she has no emotional memory of him nor emotional attachment to him. “Actually, what she finds when she first comes back in a slightly altered incarnation (hiện thân, kiếp người) is that it's not love at first sight (yêu từ cái nhìn đầu tiên) when she claps eyes on him. “It's not, ‘Where have you been all my life?’ and she has to essentially fall back in love with David.” This will have a huge toll on the father-of-two’s state of mind as he tries desperately to fight for his marriage and it becomes clear his wife isn’t the only one struggling with a romantic connection.

Falcon Wing doors, Full Self-Driving Capability, and Ludicrous mode? Where have you been all my life, Tesla? With the equivalent of 750 horsepower and 710 lb-ft of torque (mô men quay), the Model X Performance accelerates from zero to 60 mph in a mind-blowing 2.7 seconds. It's dubbed the fastest-accelerating SUV on Earth. It's also reportedly ranked among the safest, can tow 5,000 pounds, and touts the largest all-glass panoramic windshield (kính chắn gió vạn năng) in production. Donations benefit After-School All-Stars, a nonprofit provider of school-based, free, comprehensive after-school programs. The deadline to enter on Omaze is July 1, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

Ka Tina

“Within an inch of life" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Sticker Mule

“Within an inch of (one’s) life” có within an inch of là suýt nữa, gần -> cụm từ này có nghĩa là sắp chết, gần chết.

Ví dụ
"It was almost an anthem (bài thánh ca) for some women who said 'It's helped me find the inner strength to leave my partner'. I've had so many stories from women who write in and say 'I was beaten within an inch of my life, but your song helped me through it'."

Yes. It’s really heavy noir. It’s first and foremost a revenge tale (chuyện trả thù), but I like to say if Quentin Tarantino and David Lynch had a baby it would be this show. When its campy it’s very campy, but when not it’s dark and violent. I’m being asked to act within an inch of my life and honestly, to say it’s a dream come true, yes. It’s really great I can strut (chống, trụ) on stage and get to ride and kill people.

On what planet does Eric Garcetti think arsonists (kẻ cố ý gây nên hoả hoạn; kẻ đốt phá) and anarchists (người theo chủ nghĩa vô chính phủ) are interested in community college? Some may already have full degrees, if not more. What does he think they would study? Coding? Fire science? But arguably worst of all was Garcetti defiantly saying “this isn’t 1992,” when asked whether he would call in the National Guard to restore safety and order, referring to the destruction (sự phá hủy, tàn phá) caused by the LAPD beating Rodney King to within an inch of his life nearly three decades ago.

Ka Tina

“While there's life there's hope” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Lina Trochez

“While there's life there's hope” -> nghĩa là khi bạn còn sống thì còn hy vọng để phục hồi, cải thiện và thay đổi tình thế.

Ví dụ
While there's life, there's hope, and the future could turn out differently. But if it is absorbed by Russia, it is game over for the next epic.

"That's a tough question. I guess it's easy to despair (thất vọng, tuyệt vọng) but while there's life, there's hope. I guess I have faith in God and I have faith in Australians," Mr McKenna said.

She was not built out of common stone. But out of men’s yearning (khao khát, ao ước) and all prayer. That she might live, eternally our own, The Spirit’s stronghold (đồn lũy, thành trì)– barred against despair. Clearly there was longing, and God’s Spirit was working on him despite his professed atheism (thuyết, chủ nghĩa vô thần) at 20, which is a good reminder— while there’s life, there’s hope for us all.

Ka Tina

“True to life” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Mélanie THESE

“True to life” = đúng với cuộc sống -> nghĩa là nó thực tế, gần gũi với cuộc sống hơn so với việc sử dụng kỹ xảo (thường mô tả về phim ảnh, sách truyện).

Ví dụ
The 2020 TM 144MX is not a big-bore TM 125MX. The Italian factory (nhà máy) builds a true-to-life 144cc engine with new cases, updated parts and a special bore (khoan) and stroke. You gotta love the old school gold rims (vành bánh xe).

Black Simmers have often felt let down by The Sims. Whether it's the lack of kinky (quăn, xoắn) and curly hairstyles or a dearth of skin tones, making a Sim that's not white is much harder than it should be. In The Sims 4, one of the most egregious (quá xá, xuất sắc) issues was makeup. I'll give it credit for being true to life; just like in the real world, in The Sims, it was difficult to find makeup that didn't look like a straight up clown on darker skin tones. The Sims 4's collaboration with MAC Cosmetics has gone a long way to fix this problem.

“She was deeply committed to Stanley’s reception (sự tiếp thu, tiếp nhận) of all of her work, so that relationship of bringing her work to Stanley and really having an editor/writer relationship, as well as being married to that man, was true to life,” Gubbins told Decider in a phone interview. “I think that what I learned in the letters is really her deep struggle with writing, even though she wrote all the time and was incredibly prolific (sáng tác nhiều). It wasn’t something that she ever felt was a virtuosic (bậc thầy, đặc biệt thành thạo) skill of hers. She was deeply invested and deeply felt the agony of (sự vui thích đến cực độ) a loss of self-confidence in her writing.”

Ka Tina

“Such is life!” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Kelly Sikkema

“Such is life!” = cuộc đời là thế đấy! -> nghĩa là khi bạn thất vọng với điều gì trong cuộc sống nhưng đành phải chấp nhận vì biết không thể tránh được nó.

Ví dụ
You’re swimming along during practice minding your own business when suddenly, you become entangled (bị vướng, ùn tắc) in a web of an unidentified object floating by. You have no idea where it came from and thrash (đánh đòn, đập) around trying to free yourself from the big hairy monster. Such is life for a swimmer.

Like the restart date for the 2019-20 season, Father’s Day is fast approaching, and this year, there will be extra incentive to get your father some new Sacramento Kings gear. For the first time in NBA history, the NBA Playoffs will start the month after Father’s Day (which us Sunday, June 21), and the Kings could realistically be one of the 16 teams competing for the Larry O’Brien Trophy in October. Yes, the idea of NBA Finals series in October is strange, but such is life in 2020, I suppose.

Nah, it’s cool. Such is life. You know, you go through these things and you sharpen and chisel (đục, chạm, trổ) at yourself and learn more things about yourself. So for this project, I was in a more positive space. I had a clear mind, and I was healed. So, it’s just about love, transparency (tính trong sáng, minh bạch), and honesty. And that’s just what the mantra means, pretty much to roll with the punches. Sometimes things don’t pan out the way you want them to, but I feel like there is a lesson in everything, and your duty in life is to apply that lesson you learned. And grow from it.

Ka Tina

“The staff of life” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Miti

“The staff of life” = chỗ dựa cuộc đời -> nghĩa là thực phẩm thiết yếu để ăn, đặc biệt là bánh mì (coi (như) thức ăn cơ bản nuôi sống con người)

Ví dụ
As the coronavirus-panicked population continues to storm the grocery stores, one item that has been almost literally flying off the shelves is about as basic as it gets — good old bread, aka the staff of life. Why is it that any hint of disaster has us feeling the need to stock up on this one particular staple (sản phẩm chủ yếu, mặt hàng chủ lực)?

Referred to as the “staff of life” in the Bible, bread has been, literally, served for ages. Interestingly, darker grains (thóc lúa) were often eaten by peasants (nông dân, tá điền), with refined grains going to royalty (hoàng tộc). Lower classes didn’t have the money or fancy equipment to process wheat by separating out the grain’s various components (thành phần) to make bread look white and make it easy to digest (tiêu hóa). Yet isn’t it ironic how these days, a healthier and “cleaner” bread would contain more whole grains and be darker in color, less processed and have a desirable high-fiber content (hàm lượng chất xơ cao)?

Such skyscraper (nhà cao tầng, nhà chọc trời) satisfaction is probably denied the average person but cooking in this loneliness — or alternatively, forced proximity — has been a salvation for lots of us. And the symbolism (chủ nghĩa tượng trưng) of bread, the staff of life, is not lost. Sourdough, the subject of the most impassioned Instagrams and Nick Knight-levels of photography, involves of course the “mother”, a mixture of flours, water and wild yeasts (men). The mother must be fed and nurtured (nuôi dưỡng) just as, with luck, your own mum nurtured you. She eventually gives rise to a bonny (tươi tắn), burnished loaf full of holes. I could go on but I think I’ll leave the Freudian interpretation (sự giải thích, làm sáng tỏ) right there.

Ka Tina

“Spring to life” nghĩa là gì?

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“Spring to life” = cuộc đời nở hoa/xuân đến bên cuộc đời -> nghĩa là được sống trở lại, trở lại cuộc sống, trở nên tích cực và năng động để bắt đầu lại công việc.

Ví dụ
The Phase One restart for the city will see an estimated 400,000 people get back to work. Tens of thousands of construction projects will spring to life, manufacturing sites will buzz again and retail will return — for curbside (vỉa hè) pick-ups.

It didn’t take long to sprout (nảy lên, xuất hiện) a big, ole’ Country-style grin on Monday morn (buổi sáng). About the same amount of time it takes a youngster to awake on Christmas morning, and slip in to see what — to their wondering eyes might appear — was left overnight and underneath the tree so green. No time at all. About the same amount of time it takes a young couple to see their baby spring to life and take its first breath of air on Earth. No time at all.

In blatant (hay kêu la, la lối) violation of all norms, the vegetable dealers are openly selling vegetables to the retailers and small shopkeepers in these new Mandis. These illegal Mandis spring to life after midnight everyday and the business ends before the sunrise when most of the people are still in their beds oblivious of threat they are exposed to. Interestingly the Dehradun administration has asked all the vegetable dealers of the Niranjanpur Mandi to remain quarantined at their homes but it is learnt they are not following the orders and are operating the business from different places of the city.

Ka Tina

“See life” nghĩa là gì?

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“See life” = thấy rõ cuộc sống -> nghĩa là được chứng kiến và trải nghiệm nhiều khía cạnh của cuộc sống qua việc đi nhiều nơi trên thế giới và khám phá nhiều nét văn hóa khác nhau.

Ví dụ
Lewis, during a virtual interview with University of Maryland, Baltimore Interim President Bruce Jarrell, recounted his memories of talking with his mother in 1991 after seeing images of Los Angeles police officers beating Rodney King, another black man. He asked his mother why black people are treated differently. She answered, "Son, life ain't fair and people see life differently."

“You do see life differently, you really do. You’re not spending your money on things that you don’t need. "You learn from that and you see yourself later on, in 2021 when all of this is over, fingers crossed, you’ll say ‘last year I managed to save this amount of money just by not buying all this in one week. If I can do that I can do it all the time and only buy it when I need it. “This virus is actually teaching us a lesson. I thought money ‘grew on trees’, as every young person does, but I’ve learnt the hard way by ending up with nothing.

Kevin Hart has shared a message with his fans following his recent car crash. The comedian and actor took to Instagram to post a video thanking fans for their support and updated them on his recovery progress (quá trình phục hồi). “After my accident I see things differently, I see life from a whole new perspective (góc nhìn, quan điểm). My appreciation for life is through the roof. I’m thankful for my family, my friends,” he said. “Don’t take today for granted, because tomorrow’s not promised. More importantly, I’m thankful for God, I’m thankful for life. I’m thankful for simply still being here.”

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“Right to life” nghĩa là gì?

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“Right to life” -> nghĩa là quyền sống của mỗi con người. Cụm từ này thường được đề cập trong các cuộc thảo luận về chiến tranh, nạn phá thai, tử hình và các chủ đề liên quan khác.

Ví dụ
Cranbury mayor (thị trưởng) calls for the right to life, liberty (quyền tự do) and the pursuit of happiness for the oppressed minority (thiểu số bị đàn áp, áp bức); vigil (sự thức, lễ vọng) planned for next week.

In a new editorial, the New York Times editorial board (ban biên tập) goes to great lengths to justify the riots (cuộc bạo động, nổi loạn) taking place across the country, insisting that “this country has failed to provide one of the most fundamental protections in the Constitution: the right to life.”

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the U.N. General Assembly in 1948 and asserts a number of inalienable (không thể nhượng) human rights, similar to the Constitution of the United States. It establishes rights like the right to life, freedom of movement, opinion, religion, rest and leisure in the form of limiting work hours and a right to a decent standard of living (chất lượng cuộc sống khá), including food, clothing, housing and medical care.

Ka Tina

“Pester the life out of" nghĩa là gì?

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“Pester the life out of (one)” có pester là làm phiền, quấy rầy -> cụm từ này nghĩa là khiến ai khó chịu, quấy rầy, làm phiền cuộc sống của ai rất nhiều (rất dai dẳng).

Ví dụ
He used to pester the life out of me every Saturday. The first cabinet I built was an 8×12, and I had the top angled to give it some shape.

"My nanna was like his second mum. He'd ring her every day, pester the life out of her, but she loved him to death and is still struggling without him. She's 74. She didn't think she'd outlive one of her grandkids.

Ms. Rentz offered her counsel. “I think,” she said, “we’ve got to pester the life out of these people.” For most of her 74 years, Ms. Rentz was a mildly attentive Republican; since retiring eight years ago as a high school French teacher, she was content (hài lỏng, mãn nguyện) to spend her time gardening, knitting and spoiling her grandchildren.

Ka Tina

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