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mải chụp ảnh không nhớ/biết gì đến trải nghiệm đâu...

nếu bà chụp ảnh cháu suốt ngày, dặn bà lần sau đến chơi bỏ điện thoại ở nhà, dành thời gian chơi với cháu... :D
Dear Dan,

Whenever my mother visits us, she’s preoccupied with taking photos of her grandchildren (cháu) so that she can remember every moment. Having her camera in our faces all the time is annoying, but I don’t want to deprive her of good memories when the visit ends. Should I try to convince her to stop taking pictures?

Now that most of us carry a phone with a camera all the time, it’s hard to resist the temptation (ham muốn) to document every significant moment in photographs. But it turns out that taking pictures all the time isn’t just annoying; it can make it more difficult to remember the very experiences the photos are intended to capture.

In one experiment, pairs of visitors took a tour of a historic landmark (mốc lịch sử). One person in each pair was instructed to take photos and the other was told not to. A few weeks later they were given a surprise memory test about the landmark, and it turned out that the visitors who took photos remembered much less than those who didn’t. While the photographers were preoccupied with trying to get the best shot, the nonphotographers were able to think about the experience and absorb it into the structure of their memories.

With this in mind, try asking your mother to experiment with leaving her camera at home next time she visits. She might find that this allows her to spend more time really interacting with the grandchildren, leaving her with memories that are more vivid and meaningful than any photos.
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