“Too hot to handle” nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Marvin Meyer

“Too hot to handle” = quá nóng để sờ -> nghĩa là quá nguy hiểm, rủi ro hoặc cấm kỵ nên người ta không muốn dính líu.

Ví dụ
The character that was on display during India's 8-wicket win must have certainly been too hot to handle, this time for the hosts.

Fogel, director of the Oscar-winning 2017 Russian doping doc Icarus, is simply too hot to handle. But what if the material is merely lukewarm (lãnh đạm, thờ ơ)?

Just like in the previous game against Jamshedpur FC, the Gaurs once again kept it late but in the end, made sure the job was done thanks to goals from 'super-sub' Ishan Pandita, who scored seconds after coming on to the pitch as a substitute and then Igor Angulo who was too hot to handle for the Hyderabad backline.

Ka Tina

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