Chẳng lẽ là "cái ấy"

bác sĩ phụ khoa ở Michigan, Mỹ chụp ảnh giơ nội tạng bệnh nhân trong phòng mổ và post trên instagram hỏi mọi người "hãy chọn giá đúng"... ;)

(đã bị điều tra)

The doctors, who are employed as medical residents by Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, Mich., and specialize in obstetrics (khoa sản) and gynecology (phụ khoa), asked people to guess how much an unidentified organ (bộ phận không xác định) weighed.

The station said it blurred part of the image so that people could not tell what type of organ was shown in the post, which was shared publicly.

The posts appeared to show at least one patient in the background, the television station reported. They were taken down shortly after the station contacted the medical residents on Friday.

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