Học vừa thôi

chơi nhiều lên, ko cận đấy,

bộ giáo dục china ra chương trình hành động, giảm tỷ lệ trẻ em cận thị...
The Ministry of Education announced the new rule as part of its Bright Action project, a five-year plan to better protect students’ eyesight by increasing outdoor activities (tăng thời gian vui chơi ngoài trời) and minimizing screen time (giảm thời gian màn hình), which have been blamed (đổ lỗi) for deteriorating vision (giảm thị lực) among children and adolescents.

China’s myopia (cận thị) rate is among the highest in the world, with over half of the country’s minors nearsighted. As many as 53.6% of China’s children and adolescents were nearsighted in 2018.

...schools will also be barred from giving first and second graders more than one exam per semester to relieve academic burden, and each student will have an electronic file to track their eyesight over time.

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