Bác sĩ giết người

Charles Guiteau thừa nhận đã bắn tổng thống mỹ James A. Garfield, và biện hộ 'chính các bác sĩ mới là những người giết tổng thống'...
The doctors on the scene attempted to remove the bullet (viên đạn) through the time-honored method of jamming their (unwashed) fingers in there and seeing if they could wiggle it out, but with no luck. Moving him back to the White House, they tried again to help the president by digging around with unwashed medical equipment inside his body without washing their hands first, a technique now known as "finishing the assassin's job".

His death was not necessarily assured when he went in for these surgeries. It's possible that he could have survived these injuries, had the medicine around at the time been adhered to. Though the team did not sterilize their equipment (khử trùng thiết bị), that wasn't because the technique wasn't around yet. Joseph Lister – pioneer (tiên phong) of antiseptics (khử trùng, vô trùng) – had been demonstrating the medical benefits (in short, far fewer people die horribly) for around 20 years. Though European doctors were quicker to adopt proper hygiene, the methods were known about in America following Lister's tour of the United States in 1876, and were beginning to be accepted by doctors and surgeons there too.

Bliss was not among them, and in his determination (quyết tâm) to get the bullet out he and his team repeatedly introduced germs into the President's wounds over the next nine weeks. To cap it all off, Garfield was given large doses of morphine for his pain, and also quinine for what they (wrongly) believed to be malaria. The combined treatments left the President unable to keep much liquid and food down, which is when the good doctor began looking around for other access points for sustenance. He was about to start shoving food into a sitting President's anus (đưa thức ăn qua đường hậu môn).

Before he did die, he had to endure nearly three months at the hands of a doctor who had an astonishing determination to feed him through his rectum (ruột thẳng, trực tràng). First, Bliss tried feeding yolks of eggs up there (mixed with beef extract and whiskey) but decided to cease with this due to “annoying and offensive flatus (hơi (trong dạ dày))". This symptom was promptly relieved by discontinuing the egg. The egg was switched for cow's blood, but this didn't work out either as “the character of the ejecta” demonstrated (likely it rotted inside the President's rectum).
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