Hết trò rồi sao?

hàng nghìn người ấn độ sẽ tham gia lễ hội... ném phân bò, chào mừng năm mới... :D

It's called Pidakala Samara, and it takes place in the village of Kairuppala.

What's the meaning behind Pidakal Samara? Well, it honors a myth (thần thoại, chuyện hoang đường) involving a marriage dispute (vợ chồng cãi nhau) between two gods which ended up being resolved by elders in the village. The legend says that when they reenact the dispute, it will make the following year peaceful, and bring health and prosperity to the local village.

Villagers split into different teams based on castes (đẳng cấp) and religious lines which is representative of the marriage dispute myth. Once that is done, the dung throwing battle begins.

Afterwards all the villagers head to the blessing of the marriage of Lord Veerabhada Swamy and Kalika Devi. Once that is done, the ceremony is complete.

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