May Traphaco là công ty có vốn Hàn Quốc

siêu thị Daimaru ở Osaka, Nhật Bản yêu cầu nhân viên nữ khi đến kỳ cần đeo biển "đang bị" để anh em còn biết mà...

The Daimaru department store in Osaka introduced the voluntary (tự nguyện) badges (huy hiệu) in October following an employee's suggestion (gợi ý của nhân viên).

...Higuchi said the so-called "period (kỳ kinh) badges" were supposed to create empathy among coworkers (thông cảm của đồng nghiệp), including allowing longer breaks (nghỉ ngơi dài hơn) and extra help (giúp đỡ hơn) for employees on their period.

Higuchi told the BBC that reactions to the badges were mixed (cảm xúc lẫn lộn).

"If you saw a colleague was having her period, you could offer to carry heavy things for her, or suggest she takes longer breaks, and this support would be mutual,” she said.

She added that the company will reconsider how to keep the information within the staff without revealing it to customers.

The controversy (gây tranh cãi) comes at the same time local media has reported that some Japanese companies are banning female employees from wearing eyeglasses, with some saying they make women look "cold" or don't allow people to see their makeup.

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