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Nissan phát minh ra bóng golf tự tìm đường chui xuống lỗ... :D

As the four-year-old in the video demonstrates, no matter where and how someone putts the ball on the green, it will automatically take control of its own course and go into the hole. What a time to be alive!

When Nissan unveiled the ProPilot Golf Ball on Aug 22, it piqued the interest of many.

“It’s especially good that hitting it with the golf club doesn’t damage the mechanism.”

“This might change golf as we know it.”

“Doesn’t Everybody’s Golf (aka Hot Shots Golf) already have this feature?”

“This is like the AlphaGo of the golf world.”

“I think it would be really relaxing to have the ball always go in no matter where you putt it from.”

“They ripped off Sphero.”

Sphero is a similar high-tech moving ball developed years ago by an American company of the same name.

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