Trở lại công ty làm việc sau thời gian cách ly

làm sao để nhân viên làm việc nhóm tốt?

-> trước ngày đi làm, tổ chức ăn tối cùng nhau như gia đình nhé... :)

thí nghiệm năm 2019 cho thấy, sinh viên ăn riêng rồi làm bài tập thương lượng phải qua 13 vòng mới đạt thỏa thuận, ăn chung chỉ mất 9 vòng thôi...
Dear Dan,

My employees have been working remotely for more than a year and will be returning to the office in the fall. Is there anything I can do now to help us start to feel like more of a group again?

Organize an in-person dinner with your team before it returns to the office—and order family style. Meals naturally bring people together, and the manner in which they are served can affect cooperation among those at the table. In a 2019 study, students ate salsa and chips in pairs. Some duos were served from one bowl of chips and one bowl of salsa, while others were given separate bowls. Afterward, the students participated in a negotiation exercise (bài tập thương lượng). The pairs who had eaten from their own bowls went through thirteen rounds of negotiation, whereas those who had snacked from a shared bowl only went through nine. Working together is a mind set that can carry over from one task to another.

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