Chính phủ giỏi ở điểm nào?

khiến cho dịch đã tệ còn tệ hơn...

One needn’t be a foreign policy expert (chuyên gia chính sách đối ngoại) to recognize (nhận ra) that something in Afghanistan went terribly wrong (sai lầm tệ hại). While many will blame (chỉ trích, đổ lỗi) the Biden administration for a fiasco (thất bại) that will have horrifying humanitarian consequences (hậu quả nhân đạo) for the Afghan people, the failure also belongs to those who made the decision to go and remain there for two decades. These American officials argued that a continuing U.S. military presence (hiện diện quân sự) there was important for achieving several goals, like training the Afghan army to resist the Taliban. Yet, today, the almost-immediate collapse of the U.S.-backed Afghan government makes it clear that whatever our strategy was, it failed.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that those who believed in nation building (kiến thiết quốc gia) in the first place will realize from this dreadful episode that it never works as well as planned, even though the tragic scenario now unfolding before our eyes isn’t the first U.S. government foreign policy disaster. And it won’t be the last. People never seem to learn. Making matters worse is the fact that this sad state of affairs isn’t limited to foreign policy. It exists everywhere and throughout all levels of federal, state and local government.

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