Bắt ngay

thầy giáo ở nhà trẻ china bị bắt giữ vì bắt học sinh ngửi chân...
A teacher from a major Chinese kindergarten chain has been detained (bắt giữ) after posting photos of a young student smelling (ngửi) his feet along with a sexually suggestive comment (bình luận khiêu dâm), sparking (làm dấy lên) renewed concerns (mối e ngại) over conditions inside China’s schools.

The man, a teacher at a kindergarten run by the U.S.-listed company RYB Education, posted the photos to social app WeChat on Monday, accompanied by text reading: “Cultivate M (masochism) from a young age.”

Though the teacher claimed he’d blocked his bosses and students’ parents from viewing the post, it quickly went viral on Chinese social media after being shared on microblogging platform Weibo.

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