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After more than a year of work, electrical and computer engineering PhD student Vikram Iyer has created a tiny (nhỏ xíu) live-streaming camera that can be mounted on the back of a beetle (bọ cánh cứng).

Weighing just about as much as a paperclip (kẹp giấy), it’s attached with a small drop of superglue, and sends an image right to a smartphone.

...Those applications are what excited him, whether it’s a chance to see the world from the perspective of an insect or bird to study something like feeding habits, or to help enable navigation for tiny robots that could be used for exploration or search and rescue (cứu hộ) operations.

...One offshoot that will be in use any day now -- radio trackers the Washington Department of Agriculture will use to try and follow invasive Asian giant hornets back to their nests for eradication.

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