Instagram độc hại

khiến các em gái cảm thấy trầm cảm, muốn tự tử,
The whistleblower (người tố giác) who leaked (rò rỉ) the notorious (tai tiếng) 'Facebook Files' which revealed (tiết lộ) that the social

media giant (gã khổng lồ) knew Instagram could be toxic to teenage girls, will reveal their identity (tiết lộ danh tính) and testify Congress before the end of 2021.

A source familiar with the matter said the whistleblower has agreed to work with Congress and plans to appear before the Senate Commerce Committee Consumer protection panel to discuss Facebook's flaws.

Facebook, which has long had to answer to Congress on how its platform is used, came under scrutiny once again when the leaked files detailed that Facebook knew Instagram was harmful to teenaged girls and still continued to rollout additions to the app that propagated the harm.

...The files detailed how Facebook knew about Instagram's effect on the mental health (sức khỏe tinh thần) of teen girls but continued to create beauty-filter tools (công cụ lọc sắc đẹp)

The tools were cited as one of the reasons girls felt depressed (trầm cảm) and suicidal (muốn tự tử)

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