"A bit of crumpet" nghĩa là gì?

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"A bit of crumpet" -> nghĩa là người đẹp, hấp dẫn, "bốc lửa".

Ví dụ
Over the years we have devised more than 400 terms for the act to avoid (lảng tránh) using the word ‘sex’. Some call it the horizontal shuffle, a bit of crumpet or afternoon delight. In the roaring 20s it was called barney-mugging, a personal favourite of mine.

Coleen joked: "You asked for a bit of crumpet and he provided it." Host Andrea McLean stressed it was a "mutually (chung) agreeable relationship" and clarified the lodger (người thuê nhà) was "alright with all the arrangements". Janet asked: "Why wouldn't he be?"

Ah, the ol’ Devil’s dance. The beast with two backs. Doing the nasty. Hanky panky. Knocking boots. Bumping uglies. A bit of crumpet… Erm, what were we talking about, again? Oh yeah – the best hotels in London to get down and dirty. Whether you're looking to shack up in Soho or bed down in Dalston, we've done the deep dive for you, so there'll be no need to, erm, tidy (dọn dẹp) up your internet search history. So scroll down, feast your eyes and then get ready to feast your senses at one of London's best hotels for sex.

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