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nhà chức trách Ba Lan cảnh báo mối nguy hiểm của loài sên lạ dài tới 20cm...
Authorities at the Tatra National Park (TPN) in southern Poland have warned of the dangers of invasive species to its fragile ecosystem after an educator discovered a great grey slug (ốc sên), which is known to eat smaller native species of slug.

Although the animals – whose Latin name, Limax maximus, means “biggest slug”) – “amaze tourists (khiến du khách thăm quan kinh ngạc) with their size (kích cỡ) and colouring (màu sắc)”, their presence is bad news for the local fauna (đài phun nước địa phương).

The characteristically patterned mollusk (động vật thân mềm), which can reach up to 20 centimetres in length, is an an alien species to Poland. The “visitor” from southwestern Europe was first sighted in the Tatra region three decades ago...
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