"Speak truth to power” nghĩa là gì?

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"Speak truth to power” = nói chân lý với quyền lực -> nghĩa là can đảm nói sự thật/lý lẽ với chính quyền, nêu ra sự bất công và yêu cầu họ thay đổi.

Ví dụ
Faith leaders will be strongly represented at Cop26; Pope Francis himself will be attending. We will be working together across our religions, determined to live by our values and tell truth to power. We are not about to give up.

“Disinformation has become a powerful tool for profit or political gain in all societies, and the weapon of choice for oppressive regimes and bad actors everywhere. “It’s no coincidence that those whose job it is to uphold the integrity of news and speak truth to power around the world are increasingly targets for intimidation and abuse themselves.” Mr Sharp noted that several international BBC correspondents had been forced to leave their respective countries due to pressure or threats from the authorities, and that domestic reporters were receiving more and more abuse.

Jackie is newly engaged, but thoughts about her big day fill her with dread, not excitement. Jackie and her fiance want to have only vaccinated people at their wedding to protect some vulnerable family members from COVID-19. However, requiring vaccination means Jackie’s parents and sister likely won’t attend, which would break Jackie’s heart. On this episode of How To!, we bring on Nwandi Lawson, a former journalist who now runs a communications firm specializing in difficult conversations. She’s had her own challenging family discussions during the pandemic, and has some surprising tips for how to speak truth to power while keeping your relationships intact (không ảnh hưởng/thay đổi), and maybe even change a few minds.

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