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Trái Đất cũng có "hộp đen" để ghi lại các sự kiện tiến dần/dẫn đến sự sụp đổ nền văn minh... :)

được xây dựng ở tasmania, úc
An indestructible (không thể phá hủy) "black box" (hộp đen) is set to be built upon a granite plain on the west coast of Tasmania, Australia, in early 2022. Its mission: Record "every step we take" toward climate catastrophe (thảm họa khí hậu), providing a record for future civilizations (nền văn minh tương lai) to understand what caused our demise (sự chết, qua đời, băng hà)

The project (dự án), led by marketing communications company Clemenger BBDO in collaboration with University of Tasmania researchers, is currently in beta and has already begun collecting information at its website.

The structure is designed to be about the size of a city bus, made of 3-inch-thick steel and topped with solar panels. Its interior will be filled with "storage drives" that gather climate change-related data such as atmospheric (thuộc khí quyển) carbon dioxide levels and average temperatures. In addition, using an algorithm (thuật toán), it will scour (tìm, sục sạo, lùng sục) the web for tweets, posts, news and headlines.

The developers estimate that storage will run out in 30 to 50 years. There are plans to increase the storage capacity and provide a more long-term solution, but it's unclear how the structure will be maintained -- how its solar panels might be replaced before the end of civilization, how well those drives hold up after decades and how impervious (không thấu qua được, không thấm nước; không thể bị hư hỏng) the vault will be to vandalism (phá hoại) or sabotage (phá hoại ngầm). Its remote location, around four hours from the closest major city, is one deterrent -- but will that be enough?

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