Cuộc báo thù của 2 ông anh

2 con khỉ giết 250 con chó để báo thù cho 1 con khỉ con bị chó cắn chết...

The primate (động vật linh trưởng) perps allegedly (bị cho là) slaughtered (cuộc tàn sát) the dogs by dragging them to the tops of buildings and trees in Lavool Village, about 300 miles east of Mumba, and dropping them to their deaths.

...But the langur (khỉ châu á) monkeys won’t exactly face (đối mặt) criminal charges (tội hình sự) over the mass murder. Rather, they were shipped off to Nagpur to be released (thả) in a nearby forest (rừng),

...The scheming (có kế hoạch, có mưu đồ) simians (khỉ không đuôi) also were reported to have left puppies on roofs and trees to die of lack of food and water.

But a local official said there was no proof (không có bằng chứng) the monkeys had been seeking revenge.

“We do not have any proof to back up this theory (giả thuyết). It’s animal behavior and we cannot ascertain why they are behaving like this,”
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