Kinh nghiệm bán bún riêu đắt khách

cho khách hàng thấy infographic về cấu phần chi phí của một bát bún nhé :)
Dear Dan,

I own a small pet-sitting business and pay my employees a living wage (tiền lương vừa đủ sống (chỉ đủ để nuôi sống bản thân và gia đình)) —one that accounts for the real cost of food and shelter (nơi nương tựa, sự che chở, ẩn náu), which the minimum wage (tiền lương tối thiểu) does not. Consequently, our prices are a little higher than those of our competitors, and I’m worried about finding and keeping clients. Do I need to rethink my business model?

People are willing to pay higher prices when vendors (người bán dạo) are transparent about their operating costs. In your case, this means letting your clients know about your commitment to paying a living wage. I suspect that many will respond positively (hưởng ứng tích cực), and some of them will be willing to pay more for your services when they understand that they are supporting this business model (mô hình kinh doanh). I recommend that you highlight your commitment in your marketing materials and social media, as well as on your invoices.

The benefit of cost transparency has been documented through studies. An online retailer conducted an inadvertent experiment when it posted an infographic on its website showing the cost of producing wallets. By accident, the retailer only showed the infographic for some wallet colors. The result was that sales of wallets with the infographic increased by 22% compared to those of wallets without.

In a more deliberate study, researchers posted different signs near the chicken noodle soup at a university dining hall—one listing the soup ingredients, the other breaking down the costs of making the soup. Customers were 21.1% more likely to buy the soup next to the second sign.

Voluntary (tự nguyện) transparency (minh bạch) about costs (chi phí) fills customers in about what they’re paying and also signals (dấu hiệu) trustworthiness (tính chất đáng tin cậy) on the part of the vendor.

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