Thiết bị cấy ghép cột sống giúp người liệt đi lại được

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A man who was paralysed (bị liệt) in a motorcycle accident (tai nạn xe máy) in 2017 has regained (lấy lại, thu hồi) the ability to walk (khả năng đi lại) after doctors implanted electrodes in his spine to reactivate his muscles (cơ).

Michel Roccati lost all feeling and movement (cảm giác và cử động) in his legs after the crash (vụ đâm xe) that severed (cắt rời, làm gãy lìa) his spinal cord (tủy sống), but can stand and walk with electrical stimulation (kích thích điện cực) that is controlled wirelessly from a tablet.

The research team said the electrical implant had helped Roccati and two other patients – all men aged 29 to 41 – to stand, walk, ride a bike and even kick their legs in a swimming pool, raising hopes that small, implantable devices can help paralysed people regain more independence.

Rocatti uses the device as part of his routine training and rehabilitation to help strengthen his muscles and keep fit. “Now it’s a part of my daily life,” he said.

Developed by Prof Grégoire Courtine, a neuroscientist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, and Prof Jocelyne Bloch, a neurosurgeon at Lausanne university hospital, the system uses a soft, flexible electrode that is laid on top of the spinal cord nerves, underneath the vertebrae (xương sống, cột sống).

The electrode delivers electrical pulses to spinal cord nerves that control different muscles in the legs and torso. The pulses, in turn, are controlled by software on a tablet that issues instructions for a certain action, such as standing, walking, cycling, or kicking the legs for swimming.

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