Bảo sao langdu âm tính nhanh

nghiên cứu mới của Đại học Texas Christian cho thấy đẹp trai, xinh gái phòng chống bệnh truyền nhiễm tốt hơn... :)

Name: Gorgeous (rực rỡ, lộng lẫy, đẹp đẽ, tráng lệ, huy hoàng) people.

Age: Considerable. Certainly of greater longevity than poor saps like you who’ve been battered by the ugly stick and, let’s face it, will probably die sooner than hotties like me.

Appearance (vẻ bề ngoài): Radiant (sáng chói, sáng rực; lộng lẫy, rực rỡ), darling. Symmetrical (cân đối) of face, bright of eye, pert (khỏe mạnh) of buttock, toned (rắn chắc) of muscle. The whole package.

Why is appearance important? Traits linked to attractiveness may indicate a person’s body is better at fighting infection, according to a study by the Texas Christian University.

Are you saying that if you’re hideous you’re more likely to need a Covid jab than if you were beautiful? No, not even anti-masker Piers “fart in your trousers” Corbyn believes that.

So what are you saying? Beauty is not just skin deep, but is correlated (tương quan) with a body’s ability to resist infection. For instance, men judged as more handsome by women were found to have more effective “natural killer” cells, which can wipe out virus-infected cells in the body.

Natural killer cells? Really? Missed that lesson in biology class. But it’s true! Most attractive people have higher rates of phagocytosis (sự thực bào).

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