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và cả hoa quả nữa,

-> nói với con, chúng là "kẹo của thiên nhiên" nhé :) (trick nữa là số lượng hạn chế thôi, chỉ ăn ít rau như không được phép ăn nhiều kẹo, thế là chúng đòi ăn nhiều hơn)
Dear Dan,

The only way I can get my kids to eat fruits and vegetables is to reward (thưởng) them for it, usually with screen time (chơi điện thoại, ipad). My sister allows my nieces to eat as much fruit as they want, whenever they want. In fact, her family refers to fruit as “nature’s candy”  (kẹo của thiên nhiên) (but trust me, her kids know the difference between a grape (nho) and a lollipop). So far, neither of these methods is working for my family particularly well, but does one sound more promising to you?

Many parents use rewards to get children to do things they would otherwise resist (chống lại), such as eating healthy foods. This approach might work in the short term, but over time it may cause children to resist fruits and vegetables even more, because they will view eating those foods only as means to a reward.

When it comes to framing fruit as candy, your sister is onto something. I might not go quite that far, but a related approach could be to limit fruit consumption in the same general way as candy consumption. A series of studies found that when children were told that they could have only a limited amount of a certain food, such as carrots, the kids not only preferred carrots to a more bountiful snack option but ate more carrots and enjoyed them more than kids who chose carrots over a snack in equal supply.

Studies with young children are tricky, so there could be many reasons behind these behaviors, but it seems that the fear of missing out is one important driver that gets us all to partake of items that are in short supply.

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