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A Japanese professor (giáo sư) has developed a prototype (hàng mẫu) lickable (liếm được) TV screen (màn hình) that can imitate (mô phỏng, bắt chước) food flavours (mùi vị thức ăn), another step towards creating a multi-sensory (đa giác quan) viewing experience.

The device, called Taste the TV (TTTV), uses a carousel (trò kéo quân) of 10 flavour canisters (hộp nhỏ) that spray in combination to create the taste of a particular food. The flavour sample then rolls on hygienic (vệ sinh, hợp vệ sinh) film over a flat TV screen for the viewer to try.

In the COVID-19 era, this kind of technology can enhance the way people connect and interact with the outside world, said Meiji University professor Homei Miyashita.

"The goal is to make it possible for people to have the experience of something like eating at a restaurant on the other side of the world, even while staying at home," he said.

Miyashita works with a team of about 30 students that has produced a variety of flavour-related devices, including a fork that makes food taste richer. He said he built the TTTV prototype himself over the past year and that a commercial version would cost about 100,000 yen ($875) to make.


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