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vì đi chạy xe công nghệ giao đồ ăn hết rồi...
At the annual meeting of China’s legislature, factory bosses (ông chủ nhà máy) said that the food delivery industry is taking too many of their workers — and asked the government to help them hire them back.

...In February, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security released a list of the 100 occupations (nghề nghiệp) with the most job shortages. Forty-three of the trades listed belong to manufacturing.

“This situation is caused by low wages in the manufacturing industry,” Zhang said, adding that an average of 1.5 million laborers left the manufacturing industry annually for the past five years.

Zhang’s suggestion has attracted enormous attention on Chinese social media, with a related hashtag becoming one of the top trending topics on the Twitter-like social platform Weibo on Wednesday. Most netizens said drivers enjoy more freedom than factory workers.

“Who will work in a factory except those over 40 years old? The working hours are long — one or two days a month of rest — the wages are low, and the food is disgusting. Most work is not good for your health,” a Weibo user wrote. “When delivering food, I can at least take a day off if I don’t want to work.”

Drivers’ wages have risen rapidly in recent years, with some even surpassing (vượt, hơn) the salary (lương) of the white-collar workers they deliver food to. Factory owners say they can’t compete.

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