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bà mẹ mặc áo thun "người mẹ của năm"... đấm trọng tài môn bóng mềm của con... :D
...Kiara Thomas, a mother of an unidentified (không xác định) child, was asked to leave because she was cursing (chửi) loudly during a game over the weekend in Laurel, Mississippi. Thomas left at a coach’s behest (yêu cầu của huấn luyện viên), but instead of going home, she allegedly waited for USFA umpire Kristi Moore to finish the game and confronted her, punching Moore.

Thomas reportedly ran away but was quickly arrested afterward and charged with simple assault. She appears in a mug shot wearing a shirt that says “Mother of the Year.”

Moore, who suffered a black eye, said parents like Thomas have made jobs harder for sports referees (trọng tài) and umpires (trọng tài).

“It’s ridiculous (lố bịch),” Moore told WLBT. “The verbal abuse (lạm dụng). And even now, the physical abuse now, at this point, and enough is enough.

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