Suy từ tôi ra thì đúng thế đấy

ăn sô cô la giảm nguy cơ chết trẻ 12%...

Regular consumers’ risk (nguy cơ) of fatal heart disease (bệnh tim chết người) or cancer (ung thư) falls by up to 16 per cent.

Fans who munch the equivalent of two Dairy Milk bars a week were four times less likely to suffer diabetes (tiểu đường) than those who eat none.

Experts say chocolate can lower bad cholesterol and blood pressure and, to cap it all, devotees tend to be slimmer and more active.

Scientists say compounds in cocoa known as flavonoids boost the health of blood vessels.

Prof Jiaqi Huang, of the US National Cancer Institute in Maryland, said the study may “partially allay concerns regarding adverse health outcomes from low-to-moderate chocolate consumption”.

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