Nắm tay đã là gì

bị nhiễm bệnh gần chết, ruồi giấm vẫn làm tình không dừng... :D

Humans are apparently not the only species (loài sinh vật) that doesn’t social distance (giãn cách xã hội) amid sickness (ốm bệnh, đau yếu): UK researchers found that fruit flies (ruồi giấm) continue to copulate (giao cấu, giao hợp) even when infected with “deadly pathogens (bệnh chết người).”

“Animals have limited energy resources (nguồn năng lượng) that need to be distributed among different activities, like fighting an infection (nhiễm bệnh) or mating (giao phối),” said research author Dr. Carolina Rezaval of the University of Birmingham.

She explained that the team wanted to discover how “animals prioritize and balance their investment in immune defense and reproduction (sinh sản).”

Translation: These little buggers prioritize sex over survival.

To shed light on the boudoir behavior, Rezaval and her team infected fruit flies — a critter commonly used in genetics research — with different pathogens that varied in strain and severity. They then placed the subjects in a mating chamber to see if they would get it on even when harboring a “bug.”

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