Thật sự nguy hiểm

china tấn công đài loan cũng không nguy hiểm bằng hợp nhất belarus với nga...
Here is one excerpt:

A possible Chinese move (động thái) against Taiwan has received a lot of attention (nhiều sự chú ý), but a Russian union with Belarus could be a greater danger (mối nguy hiểm). Belarus might even agree to such a proposition, so it would be hard for NATO or the U.S. to decry it as a coercive invasion (xâm lược cưỡng ép). Yet such a Russian expansion could upend (đảo lộn) political stability (sự ổn định chính trị) in Europe.

If Russia and Belarus became a single political unit (đơn vị chính trị đơn nhất), there would be only a thin band of land, called the Suwalki Gap, connecting the Baltics to the rest of the European Union. Unfortunately, that same piece of territory (lãnh thổ) would stand in the way of the new, larger Russia connecting with the now-cut off Russian region of Kaliningrad. Over the long term, could the Baltics maintain their independence (độc lập)? If not, the European Union would show it is entirely a toothless (không có răng; không có sức mạnh, không hiệu quả) entity, unable to guarantee the sovereignty (độc lập chủ quyền) of its members.

Even if there were no formal political union between Russia and Belarus, the territorial continuity and integrity of the EU could soon be up for grabs. The EU has more at stake in an independent Belarus than it likes to admit (thừa nhận).

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