Hậu quả của chiến tranh thương mại

sức mạnh mềm Mỹ bị ảnh hưởng,

dân Tàu ít xem phim Mỹ hơn...

The US trade war against China in 2018–2019 can either enhance or diminish (giảm, hạ bớt) the US soft power (sức mạnh mềm) in China, depending on whether it is recognized as legitimate by Chinese citizens. We study how the viewership (số lượt xem) of US movies (phim)—an important element (yếu tố quan trọng) of the US soft power—is affected (bị ảnh hưởng) by the trade war (chiến tranh thương mại), utilizing variations across Chinese cities in the exposure to the Trump tariffs (thuế quan). We find a significant reduction in US movie revenue (doanh thu) in regions more exposed to the Trump tariffs, but no corresponding reduction in the consumption of non-US movies. This is corroborated (chứng thực, làm vững thêm (lý lẽ...)) by a decline (giảm) in online search (tìm kiếm trực tuyến) for US movies, US tourist destinations, and US branded sports shoes. The aversion to US movies appears to persist at least to 2021. The effect is somewhat milder for more affluent (giàu có, thịnh vượng) people.

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