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nước Anh thiếu người hầu rượu (nam giới) khỏa thân trên toàn quốc vì, sau covid-19, lượng đám cưới và các cô dâu tổ chức tiệc độc thân tăng mạnh...
...Business is booming (bùng nổ, phát đạt, phất) for the hunky (được, tốt, làm hài lòng) entertainers as a backlog (sự ùn đống) of brides (cô dâu) let their hair down (trút bỏ sự dè dặt) after two years of Covid restrictions (lệnh cấm, hạn chế).

Agencies are now struggling to find staff with the right qualifications, sources revealed.

They need to mix cocktails, serve drinks and play party games – while showing off their muscles in a skimpy (thiếu, không đủ; bủn xỉn, keo kiệt) uniform (đồng phục).

Dan Harley, manager of Butlers with Bums, said: “There is a national shortage of naked men. We are the busiest we have been in over a decade, so we are in search of men who aren’t afraid to flaunt their bodies.”

The Brighton-based firm is looking for candidates aged 23 to 38 who aren’t afraid to mingle (trộn lẫn, lẫn vào) with horny hens. They need to be ready to work long hours to satisfy raging demand.

Naked butler Thomas Crowe, 28, said: “The majority of people will wear out, because it can be relentless. But I’m very passionate about it. I’m there to entertain and make sure the hen has the best two hours of her life.”

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