Cứ tưởng đi ra ngoài chứ nhỉ

trạm vũ trụ quốc tế có mùi "như thịt nướng bị hỏng" vì các phi hành gia đánh rắm nhiều... :D

Tim Peake, 50, who spent 186 days on the station in 2016, made the rotten revelation while being quizzed over his adventures by an eight-year-old on the Dirty Mother Pukka podcast.

He was asked: “What’s it like to burp in space when you’ve got your helmet on?’’

The astronaut replied: “That’s a great question, but do you know you don’t actually burp in space?

“So when you eat food your body is still digesting your food and producing the gas but those bubbles of gas don’t rise up.

“So there’s only really one way that they do come out…’’

Tim also said the International Space Station smelled “really unusual”.

“It’s a little bit like a barbecue that’s gone wrong. Burnt meat, scorched, metallic smell – almost like static electricity when you take your jumper off and you’ve got those static sparks,” he said.

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